A visitor in the runway

I was flying in South East Asia a few years back. The company standards were good, the aircraft were newly purchased, the weather was really nice on this day. From the top of descent we could already see the area surrounding the airport, then further details as we got closer. Since the runway was more or less perpendicular to our flight path to destination, the usual procedure would be to call the tower to join a short right hand downwind leg, then base turn and final.
As we annonced being established on the final segment, we advised the tower, waiting for the landing clearance. The controller replied to standby, with a somewhat embarassed tone in his voice.

A few seconds later, asking for clarification and pressing a bit more to get the clearance to land, the controller said: "Errr...There is a naked man walking on the runway...you'll have to go around." It was by far the most unusual reason I had heard for going around! I had seen dogs, cattle in some remote fields, birds, but this was new...
So we went around, back on the right downwind. They caught the poor fellow on the runway, pulled him to safety, and we landed afterwards without any other event. Never two days are the same in this job, that'll make one more story to tell my grandchildren one day!

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