Job Vacancies

If you wish to apply for any of the following positions you must first register online. In case you did register on a previous occasion, we have the ability to match your profile with any current job vacancy by using our database management system. However, should you have a strong interest in any particular offer, please do not hesitate to alter our attention by sending an email at the following address:

Aircraft Type Location Position Reference
A320 Shanghai Captains 110915 Details
A300-600 Middle East Captains 120115 Details
B737 CL Africa Captains & First Officers 120201 Details
ATR 42/72 Asia/Pacific Line Training Captains, Captains, First Officers 120125 Details
Airbus A320, Fokker F50 Asia-Pacific TRI/E 25042012 Details
ATR 42/72 Worldwide Synthetic Flight Instructors / Type Rating Instructors / Type Rating Examiners 120208 Details
ATR, Embraer, Fokker, Boeing, Airbus,... Worldwide Type Rating Instructors, Type Rating Examiners 120205 Details