Why Choose Us?

Flight Deck Support is a team of professionals fully dedicated to bring in their skills and knowledge to support you in navigating the market changes of the aviation industry. We are committed to work in partnership with you with a continuous focus on what will make our services outstanding:

Before all, we take extreme care about understanding our clients and candidates, meaning that we are not only interested in their needs but also in all aspects of their environment. This in-depth approach is then applied to provide high standard of customer service enabling us to deliver exactly according to expectations. In this respect, our organization structure based on dedicated management team is key in achieving results in line with what we are engaged for.

Unlike other business activities, the aviation industry is never closed. Because you operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we do the same to serve you with the high level of reactivity required to answer your needs.

Prime network
Our longstanding experience in the aviation industry has helped us to build-up a large network of contacts over the years. This translates into a extensive database which gives us unrivalled access to highly qualified aviation professionals. We also use state-of-the-art technology to update our information about these professionals and arrange a quick and easy access to such information at the time a recruitment process is on.

Cutting-edge solutions
The use of temporary professionals is now acknowledged by all as a major factor to increase flexibility and control costs in the aviation industry. However, we always go one step futher in view of designing with you the best possible recruitment solution. In this respect, we take benefit of the combined skills of our team to review and explore all regulatory, legal, social and cultural matters thay may impact on how to complete successful staffing for your organization.