Recruitment Dedicated Team

No matter in which business you are engaged, your future success very much relies on the quality of your recruitment. Hopefully, your internal human resources department will cope with this key challenge.

But what if it is not the case?

Through our past experience, we have learnt those human resources departments are not always prepared to implement smooth and effective recruitment procedure. Many reasons may lead to this problem :
- Understaffing: in the airline business, recruitment very often comes by successive waves, for example on the occasion of the phase-in of a new aircraft type. The extra work and the time constraints in such recruitment phases may conflict with the productivity of a human resources department designed for the normal course of business
- Lack of experience: each population of pilots has its own characteristichs depending on which category / type of aircraft the pilots fly. Understanding these differences are crucial for the successful introduction of a new aircraft into your fleet
- Lack of coordination work: good recruitment is subject to having the human resources department and the aviation professionals in charge of flight operations, working together. Not that easy in practice….

A smart way to avoid these pitfalls is to seek the assistance of a recruitment dedicated team composed of human resources specialists and senior aviation professionals with recruitment background. This team will support your own personnel in putting in place adequate recruitment procedures, including evaluation questionnaires, language capabilities tests and simulators screening programs.

Flight Deck Support has all the resources available to introduce you a recruitment dedicated team consistent with your needs that will turn your recruitment process into long-term success for your business.