Recruitment Procedure

Flight Deck Support works according to a recruitment procedure leading you step by step from the submission of your application to the positioning in your new base station. Completion of each step is a pre-requisite before moving on to the next one.


Fist Step: Submission of application
In order to apply for any of our current job vacancies, you must first register your details online. Registration only takes a few minutes and providing all required information is essential to the smooth process of your application. In this respect, uploading copies of your licence, medical, logbook and resume will save a great amount of time in preparing a complete application file for transmission to our client.

Second Step: Review of your application by Flight Deck Support
We will review your details provided online to check if your profile meets the requirements set forth by our client. In case you do not hear from us in the five business days following the submission of your application, this means that your does not match and therefore we can not introduce you as a candidate to our client. In these circumstances, we will keep record of your details to contact you for future job opportunities.

Third Step: Preparation of complete application file and remittance to our client
In case the review of your application is positive, we will contact you to request the additional materials that are usually required to make ready a complete application file (filling in some forms for the local civil aviation, photos…). We will also request you to sign a contract with us setting forth the terms and conditions for the applied position. Your diligence in handling these requests will be crucial as no application file is transmitted to our client until it is full and complete.

Fourth Step: Review of your application by our client
Time necessary for review of application greatly varies from one contract to the other. In practice, it will depend on how well organized is the client, how urgent is its recruitment needs and whether the selection process includes an interview and/or simulator screening. In any case, we always do our best to get a decision on your application within the shortest possible delay. And there is one thing you can be sure : we will keep you immediately updated each time we get from our client any new information about your application.

Fifth Step: Administrative paperwork
Here is the most difficult part of the recruitment procedure. Whether we speak about the validation of your license by the local civil aviation or the issuance of your visa and working permit, all these formalities are fully dependent on administrative authorities. Unfortunately, the leverage on our side, and most often also on the client side, to accelerate the delivery of the relevant administrative papers is therefore very limited. We usually speak of a couple of days but it is unusual to wait for a couple of weeks.....At this stage, we know by experience that some candidates become nervous imagining that the recruitment is postponed or even cancelled (notably because there are always blogs on the internet to confirm these rumors....). The good attitude is to wait and, if necessary, wait again.

Sixth Step: Positioning
Once all the administrative paperwork is sorted out, we will assist you in arranging your positioning at base residence. This includes providing you with flight tickets, making sure accommodation is ready and your induction program is duly scheduled.