Career Development

We know from our experience that if the contracts with clients come and go from time to time according to their needs, the relationships with a pilot will remain good and stable once the trust is there.
Flight Deck Support is committed to build-up this trust by providing support and advice on career matters to all flight crew engaged with us. Ideally, after meeting you as a candidate, we would like to offer you various contract jobs in a wide variety of airlines, locations and possibly aircraft types.

In order to achieve such cooperation, we follow very clear rules and policies:
- Priority: if you are already engaged with us but have a preference for a newly available position, we will not only give you priority but we will also make all our efforts to satisfy your demand, notably by putting forward your professionalism in performing previous contracts.
- Type conversion programs:
with the support of our partner airlines, we regularly put in place type conversion courses through which pilots can first gain experience on a new aircraft type and then get a guaranteed job using their new qualifications. Each time we arrange such a program, we have a focus on how to help pilots we know to be part of it so they may go one extra step in their career development.

As you will experience, Flight Deck Support is proud of providing first class services to clients with serving pilots’ interest in the meantime.