• Why Choose Us?

    Flight Deck Support is a team of professionals fully dedicated to bring in their skills and knowledge to support you in navigating the market changes of the aviation industry.

  • Cockpit Stories

    Imagine spending your worklife in an office. No comment. So, pilot is certainly one of the most exciting jobs today. It offers huge responsibilities coupled with large independence. In the meantime how else would you have the opportunity to find out so much about people and countries. Because great jobs always offer great stories to share with others, we have reserved this section on our website as your tribune to know about the most funny, absurd, dangerous or whatever kind of experiences you went through.

  • Ferry Flight Services

    Initially developed as a complementary offer to our clients in Crew Leasing, ferry flight services have gradually grown into an integral part of our activity.

  • Aviation Training

    Flight Deck Support has a very distinctive policy towards aviation training: our objective is not to qualify as a training organization but to play the role of integrator of various training programs offered by third-parties.

  • Crew Leasing

    Our recruitment team composed of seasoned professionals in the aviation, human resources and legal fields has over ten years of experience in sourcing and selecting highly qualified flight crew.

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